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  Mt Bike:  25 DEC 2000 12:00pm

Condition 02 // Steep Incline, Hardpack
The forest tunnel lightens a little, and the trees part to reveal an upward climb into the blazing sun.
Pushing a slightly higher gear, you stand up and keep it going. Dropping your hips a bit will help maintain traction. Using momentum, you rely on an old roadie trick: Don't stop pedaling at the top of the hill. Rest after you've crested and established your cruising speed to keep the hills under control.   Next Condition >>

How a driver responds //
You've got more cornering power going up hill, so lean into the hill and put the power down at little earlier than usual. Turn into the corner just a little later than usual to give you a smooth exit and to see as far around as possible - just in case there's a rock or a bear there. The Subaru All-Wheel Driving System can keep you on track. Learn more at Subaru.com
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