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  Mt Bike:  25 DEC 2000 12:00pm

Condition 03 // Heavy Rain, River Crossing
It's been pouring for hours and just ahead you make out a surging torrent.
If the water is rushing too fast to ride in the torrent, throw the bike over your right shoulder and wade in. Grabbing the left grip with your right hand, you keep it high and dry, while you are moving slow and steady to maintain your balance. Once you reach the other side, drop the bike on the bank and use it as a stabilizer to get up the muddy slope and back on track.   Next Condition >>

How a driver responds //
Uh, you want to check that map again, darling? It's one thing to tiptoe gingerly into the water with a bicycle on your shoulder. Flinging your steel steed into any body of water deeper than a puddle is asking for it. You never know how deep it is, and a big splash could end up in a trail of bubbles. If you absolutely have to cross, make sure you know what's under the surface first, and take it slow and steady. The Subaru All-Wheel Driving System can keep you on track. Learn more at Subaru.com
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