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  Mt Bike:  25 DEC 2000 12:00pm

Condition 05 // Rain, Flooded Roads
Through the raindrops, you make out what appears to be a river, although the map clearly says it's a road, or was.
Struggling to keep the bike upright, you pedal hard to part the seas. Traction isn't the issue; the issue is the foot of water covering the road. Keeping the pressure steady helps you watch where you're going.   Next Condition >>

How a driver responds //
Just because you've been over a road before, doesn't mean you know what's under the surface. Read the water carefully. Turn the air conditioning to max and send it up through the defroster vent (it'll fog up at first, but give it time to dry the air inside the car). Keep it slow and steady. The Subaru All-Wheel Driving System can keep you on track. Learn more at Subaru.com
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