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  Mt Bike:  25 DEC 2000 12:00pm

Condition 06 // Steep Decline, Deep Gravel
Things are starting to get hairy as you spot the deep gravel down the slope in front of you.
It's probably better to walk it. Stand off to the left (if you're right-handed) and grab the front brake with your left hand and the saddle in your right. You plow waves of gravel as you jog down the hill, sideways a bit to control your speed. Watch the slippage and try to stay on the non-drive side, throwing the bike away from you if you start to go down.   Next Condition >>

How a driver responds //
They put loose gravel outside of the corners on Formula One racing tracks to slow down stray racing cars. So relax, the stuff is very good for slowing you down. Like all reduced grip scenarios, you need to think ahead, and ease the car into the turns smoothly, doing all of your braking in a straight line before you get to the corner. The Subaru All-Wheel Driving System can keep you on track. Learn more at Subaru.com
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