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  Mt Bike:  25 DEC 2000 12:00pm

Condition 07 // Heat, Potholes
The blacktop has absorbed the sun that's recently come through the clouds, and the craters dotting the pavement are hungry for your wheels.
Your shocks bottom out on each hard hit, and you can feel that warm elastomer squash too easily. It's getting harder on the arms, and the temptation to stand and get past it is tempered by the thought of a broken wrist or bike if you lost it on a ledge. Carry an extra tube...and maybe even a spare wheel or two.    Continue >>

How a driver responds //
Sounds like New York City in July. If you're stuck with cars on both sides, relax. The car is built to take punishment. If it's a really bad wallop, the shock could travel all the way up to the steering wheel, (which is why you've relaxed your grip slightly), but your job is to keep the front wheels pointing straight ahead. The Subaru All-Wheel Driving System can keep you on track. Learn more at Subaru.com
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