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Get a hold on the biomechanics of weightlifting. A 5-foot-10, 17-year-old woman who can successfully lift more than 300 pounds. See how Cheryl Haworth does it. [Special data-visualization about weightlifting designed with e-commerce in mind.]

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Take Regal by Buick's quiz to learn about the architecture and style of Sydney venues. [Design and style of the vehicle is placed in context with the design and style of Sydney.]

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Revolution is sweeping Olympic swimming. Learn more in the Cadillac Innovations in Swimming feature. [Built in Flash, delivers information about Cadillac innovation next to the brand's sponsored sport - Swimming.]

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Relive Maurice Greene and Marion Jones' victories in the 100-meter final with these data-visualizations using real data. [Built in Flash, delivers branding for Visa - Track & Field.]

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GE Power Systems

Marvel at the logistics of bringing some of the 30 Olympic venues to life. Go to the Power Behind the Venues. Built in Flash, this interactive diagram shows what it takes to provide power to the Olympic venues. [Incorporates information about GE's involvement with the Olympic venues.]

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GE Medical Systems

Learn how injuries occur and how they are diagnosed. GE Medical Systems brings you the Torson injury library. GE's part of the content is "How injuries are diagnosed." [Sponsor content embeded within and throughout this resource.]

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GE Careers

See who has qualified for the Games from your alma mater or favorite university. A special area created for GE to attract potential empoyees. [Created for GE Careers as a recruitment tool.]

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GE Moments

The VP and General Counsel for GE Plastics recalls the Munich Massacre; a general manager for GE on competing as a synchronized swimmer; a program manager on her Olympian husband; and a NBC News photographer on his mother's Olympic pursuits. [Created for GE Careers as a recruitment tool.]

Peter Solmssen // Ana Amicarella // Joan Fu // Wolfie Fraser //


Detailed breakdowns of a specific swimming race. Illustrates every second of the race, and the position and speed of each swimmer. [Unit sponsored by Cadillac, posted to the site moments after the race.]

Women's 100-Meter Butterfly // Men's 100-Meter Breaststroke


The Visa Medal Race priovides an up-to-date count on how countries are doing as they go for Olympic Gold. [A downloadable application with Visa branding and messaging.]

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By snow and sea, Chevy shows us what kind of training Jonny Moseley does in the summer. [Created for Chevy about a Winter athlete in the Summer.]

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Intel Online Services

What kind of work goes into a content-hungry sports site? See the kind of demands Quokka puts on a perfectly innocent server. [Created for Intel Online Services - Quokka's hosting partner.]

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Learn how to handle extreme conditions, whether you're on a mountain bike or from the more comfy confines of your car.

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